Apr 15, 2015 GAGFAH S.A. files for delisting


Apr 15, 2015 Approval by Deutsche Annington Immobilien SE regarding a distribution of dividends to shareholders of GAGFAH S.A. for fiscal year 2014




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Dear Shareholders,

as published on April 15, 2015 (view news), the shares of GAGFAH S.A. are delisted since November 20, 2015.

Deutsche Börse AG published the announcement on May 20, 2015. Please download the document here.

Kind regards,






GAGFAH S.A. is a joint stock corporation organized under the laws of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg qualifying as a securitization company under the Luxembourg Securitization Law of March 22, 2004. The core business of GAGFAH S.A.'s operating subsidiaries is the acquisition, ownership  and management of a residential property portfolio located in Germany.